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Vibracrete Fencing

Material Manufacture for New Installations and Extensions


Large variety of pavers, Edgings
and Garden Products


Building Products,
Tree Rings, Raw Material, etc

VIBRACRETE Fencing and extensions

Precast Vibracrete Fencing is the product we are best known for.

Our extensive range makes it possible for our clients to select a wall that will not only compliment the architectural style of their home but also maximize security and privacy altogether. Clients may mix and match to achieve the exact look they require.

Precast Concrete Fencing is also known as Vibracrete Fencing and Precast Walling.

Paver and Product Manufacture

Celmar Display Area
Celmar Display Area
Paving Installation

Large selection of paving products

Our range of pavers is extensive and allows for a variety of creative designs which can be used for walkways, garden paths, driveways, edging, steps and much more.

It’s a water-wise investment in a product, that not only looks good, but is of high quality.

We manufacture an extensive selection of concrete paving products for residential and commercial clients.


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